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Reusable Preservation Tray

Keep Food Fresh

Food preservation tray has a leak proof lid and an elastic film which can avoid your food exposing to air or dust and help the food to stay fresh longer than ever.

Fit for Different Food

food preservation tray is approx. 12 x 9 x 2 inches which fits great for fish, meats, bread, cheese, vegetables and fruits.

Outstanding Design

There is a buckle design around the tray, which makes it easier to seal the food, easy to use, can firmly lock the food to prevent overflow, suitable for parties, camping, etc.


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Easy to use


"These food storage trays are amazing. I'm a Fitness Trainer always in the gym. These allow me to easily prepare my weeks worth of meals easily. They keep food fresh, stack in the fridge, go in the microwave & easy to clean in the dishwasher....PERFECT "

Dierdre L.

"I have gotten at least 20 times the value from these quality products. Worth every penny. I don't know what else to say."

Kaster .

"Thanks to the UV portable sanitizer, I feel my family is safer from the Covid19 and germs that threatens us! We use it all day , everyday to clean our keys, wallets pens This is simply unbelievable!"

Huntington E.